The Main Hall

Photo: Claire Harvie

The Main Hall is well-suited to larger performance events, album/book launches, formal theatre productions, screenings, industry events/gatherings, weddings, spoken word events, and more. The space is equipped with a raised stage, a green room, some customizable lighting options, projector and retractable screen, and additional amenities.

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Please direct any questions about the Main Hall to More information is below.

Capacity: 150*

*This number reflects an open space with audience members standing. Seating and tabling can be arranged in the Main Hall, at which point the capacity limit is adjusted to reflect the change in layout. For seated events we usually limit capacity to 120, and make further adjustments as required.

Bar service: The Main Hall features a fully functioning bar. Events that require alcohol will have alcohol served by Tranzac staff from the Tranzac bar.

The bar in the Southern Cross is always operating during public hours. As a result, events that do not have a dedicated bartender may still direct attendees to purchase their drinks or food in the Southern Cross, and bring their items into the Main Hall.

All ages events: Indicate in your venue request form whether an event is all ages. If an all-ages event includes bar service there is a requirement for security to facilitate ID checks and other measures. Indicate in your submission whether you are contracting with a security provider, otherwise the Tranzac will plan to coordinate security and include the fee in your rental invoice.

Stage options: The main hall can be configured for a performance on the raised stage (not fully accessible, accessed currently by staircase), or on the floor in front of the stage (ground level). The Main Hall also has several risers that can be positioned on the floor or on the stage to suit your event needs.

Technical Information: The majority of activity taking place in the Main Hall requires a Tranzac technician be on site to facilitate and support an event. You may contract with your own technician, however a Tranzac technician will still be required should you make use of Tranzac equipment.

Equipment Summary: Please note that we make regular adjustments to equipment in the Main Hall. We will share information regarding any changes that might impact an event.

  • Mixing Console: Behringer X32 - 32 analog inputs, 16 analog outputs
  • FOH System:
    • Mains: 2 x Meyer Ultra-X40 speakers (powered)
    • Rear Fills: 2 x Meyer Ultra-X20 speakers (powered)
    • Subs: 2 x Meyer 750 LFC (powered)
  • Monitors: 5 mixes on 5 wedges
    • Wedges: 4 x Yorkville Parasource PS10p, 1 x Yorkville YX15
  • Mics:
    • Fully equipped mic & DI package - Contact our Technical Director for more info
  • Stands
    • Mic Stands: 18 x tall tri-boom stands, 4 x small tri-boom stands
    • Music Stands: 10 Manhasset-style music stands. We do not provide stand lights.
  • Backline
    • Drum Kit: 1 Five Piece Mapex drum kit with cymbals
    • Piano: 1 x 5’8” Berger Baby Grand piano
      • The piano cannot be moved onto the TRANZAC stage and remains on the floor.
      • Please note that the grand piano is tuned on a regular basis. If you require the piano tuned on the day of your event (recommended if the piano is a featured instrument), please inform us as soon as possible in order to schedule a visit from our tuner. There will be a charge for the tuning on your event invoice.
  • Bass/Guitar Amps: we have several options available in the venue. Contact our Technical Director for more info

Furniture: The Main Hall has metal folding chairs, square tables, long folding tables, high top tables, and stools (quantities available upon request). Renters set up the furniture as desired prior to the start of their event.

Audio/Video Recording: The Tranzac is primarily a live music venue. Advanced notice (minimum two weeks, ideally more) is required if you wish to record audio or video.

  • Audio: Tranzac can produce a stereo board recording from the X32. If you desire a multi-track recording, please contact us well in advance of your show— it is technician-dependent and will incur an additional fee to your rental
  • Video: If you plan to produce a video recording as part of an event, please remember that as a live performance venue we encourage event organizers to ensure that camera placement doesn’t interfere with audience sight-lines.We do not have camera equipment, renters must bring their own.

Projections: Available projector: Optoma ZH406, with 9’ x 9’ mounted screen that pulls down at the front of stage.

  • If you plan on using video projections please inform us at least one week in advance of your show.
  • The screen position is fixed, and when in use will obscure activity taking place on the stage. Renters requiring alternate projection options can bring their own projector and portable screen.
  • Outputs/adapters: If you plan on using our projector and screen please note that you must bring your own computer/device and that we can connect your computer via HDMI for video output and 1/8“ cable for audio.

Lighting: We can supply basic lighting for your event, meaning a few washes (red, blue, amber and white) and some side washes. If you wish to augment the lighting system, please notify us.

Policies: Basic Rate Information / Cancellation Policy / Code of Conduct / Event Promotion & Styleguide

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