The Southern Cross

Southern Cross

Photo Credit: Claire Harvie

The Southern Cross is an intimate room that hosts our Performance Residency program and a wide variety of one-off performances.

The Southern Cross is a do-it-yourself room, but there are a few things that we do together, cooperatively, to keep the room and equipment functioning well for the next group that comes in—we outline these details below.

The standard performance area in the Southern Cross is at ground level, and modular.

Capacity: 58

Bar service: Fixed, staffed daily


Booking One Off Shows

Tranzac’s Southern Cross has some limited opportunities for one off shows; please note that we are typically booked 2-3 months in advance in the Southern Cross, and that one off time slot availability depends upon what is an open slot (not a residency) or a fill-in for a residency artist.

To inquire about booking a one off show, please email with the name of the group/ensemble or artist (or list of artists) involved in your show, along with a short description of your planned show/event and/or the artists involved and a link to where I can hear your music (bandcamp, soundcloud, YouTube and Vimeo are great). Please let me know if you have any time limitations; if the proposed show will be part of a tour or if you are in Toronto for a limited time.


What to expect once you are booked in the Southern Cross

Promotion / We encourage artists to actively promote their show. Please send along links, images/posters, and an event description through our promo form for inclusion in our weekly newsletter, on our website and our social feeds. Artists are also encouraged to tag Tranzac on social media where possible. Should you produce a concert poster, please hang it on the corkboard in the venue or mail us a poster or two.

Production and Equipment / If you are playing in the Southern Cross, you should have some comfort working with a sound console. We will provide a simple overview (sequence of steps) which you can follow to turn the system on and off. You will be able to run microphones and other sources through the mixer to the main speakers and monitors.

We provide a variety of equipment for your use (listed below). Please review our equipment list and plan to fill any gaps with your own gear or rented equipment as required.

You are expected to return equipment and the performance area to their original state after completing your set in order to support the next group. You might also check in with the next group as they arrive in case any existing equipment should remain in place for them. Remain mindful of the duration of your set, and give yourself enough time to pack up and tidy the space in order to ease the transition with the next group.

A Tranzac technician can be hired upon request and will require a fee.

Equipment Summary:

Backline, microphones, DIs, cables: The Southern Cross will have at least one guitar amp, one bass amp, and a four-piece drum kit on stage. Specific models may change from time to time as equipment is often put to use in multiple parts of the Tranzac.

  • Mics
    • 3 x SM 58
    • 1 x SM 57
    • 2 x Audix OM3db (these are BEHIND the piano and must be left in place.)
  • DIs
    • 3 x passive DIs
  • Drums
    • 1 x Gretch kick drum with pedal
    • 1 x snare drum with stand
    • 1 x Gretch floor tom
    • 1 x high hat stand with clutch
    • 1 x rack tom which uses a snare stand for support
    • 1 x drum throne
  • Cymbals
    • 2 x hi hats
    • 1 x crash
    • 1 x ride
  • Piano: 1 x Heintzman upright piano
  • Bass amps
    • 1 x Traynor Smallblock 112
    • 1 x Traynor TS 120 B
  • Guitar amps
    • 1 x Peavey Bandit
    • 1 x Fender Blues Jr
  • Cables: Assorted XLR and patch cables

*Some of the gear is no-name, you are welcome to bring your own

Daytime Use & Rehearsals:

The Tranzac is available for daytime bookings, including rehearsals. Rehearsals (minimum three hours) are $25/hr in the Southern Cross Lounge.

Policies: Basic Rate Information / Cancellation Policy / Code of Conduct

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