For any accessibility related questions that are not addressed below, please contact You can find additional information related to stages in each performance space on the respective performance space pages (Southern Cross, Living Room, Main Hall).

Venue Accessibility:

  • Entrance: Main entrance at street-level with powered doors. Interior doorways (to washrooms, and performance/event spaces) are not powered
  • Washrooms: The main floor of the Tranzac has two communal washrooms, each containing a wheelchair accessible stall. One washroom contains 3 exposed urinals plus one stall (wheelchair accessible). The other washroom contains 3 stalls (one of which is wheelchair accessible). Please note that the hall leading to the washroom with 3 stalls has two tight corners which can be difficult for larger mobility devices to maneuver through.The washrooms do not currently have angled mirrors, and some fixtures (paper towel dispenser, powered hand dryer) are positioned high on walls
  • Bar service: Bar service is available in the Southern Cross, and for some events in the Main Hall. Due to the height of the bar surface, Tranzac staff may provide table service upon request and/or bring the wired point of sale interface around to a patron when they approach the bar for payment as required.
  • Second floor: The second floor of the Tranzac is accessed using a staircase (19 steps). Unfortunately the Zine Library, and Tranzac’s administrative office are not fully accessible.


  • Parking: there is a Green P parking lot on the Tranzac property which has one accessible parking spot. The next nearest accessible parking spot is in the Green P parking lot on Lippincott south of Bloor.
  • Transit: Tranzac is a short distance between Spadina (Bloor-Danforth & University lines) and Bathurst subway stations.

Service Animals:

Service animals are welcome at the Tranzac when accompanying a visitor with a disability. The owner will take responsibility for their service animal (including cleanup and tending to any emerging needs the animal will have).

The Tranzac distinguishes between service animals (who are trained and work to provide a specific support for particular disabilities), and pets. Pets are not permitted in the Tranzac building.