About Tranzac’s residency program:

For decades Tranzac has been hosting regular live music events in the Southern Cross that have gradually evolved and expanded into one of the largest performance residency programs of its kind in North America. Most Tranzac Southern Cross residencies are monthly two-hour time slots, with the artist(s) involved often acting as composer, performer, collaborator and curator for the series of events, and inviting in other guest composers and artists.

Tranzac’s current performance residency roster includes 60+ artists, ensembles and jams, contributing to the 1000+ performances and events that occur annually in the Southern Cross. A few residencies also take place down the hall in the Living Room (capacity: 49), which is primarily a rental space. Though the bulk of Tranzac’s residencies remain musical, we have been expanding the program to include poetry, comedy and multidisciplinary events as well as diversifying the range of music/types of music/genres of music that the program supports.

Tranzac is formalizing its performance residency program to better serve the needs of artistic communities. We aim to make the application process easier, more transparent, and more fair. We want the program to be accessible to artists at varying stages in their careers, and to offer audiences an exciting and diverse mix of programming with a mix of familiar and new residencies.

We currently have a call for applications open for a six-month performance residency slot which run April 2024  - September 2024; we will repeat the call for new residencies for October 2024 - March - 2025.


Please contact Sarah Greene at if you have any questions.