Payment & Cancellation Policy

The following payment and cancellation policies apply when booking space at the Tranzac. Event organizers are expected to review and be familiar with this policy prior to submitting a request, and signing an event agreement for a confirmed event.

Payment Timeline:

  • Deposit: a 50% deposit on a rental/booking should be paid within two weeks of a signed event agreement
  • Full payment: remainder of rental/booking fee must be paid by the event date.
  • Modifications to an event agreement: the rental/booking fee can be adjusted in response to shifting event requirements. A modified event agreement will be prepared to outline the changes.

Cancellation Policy:

The following incremental periods and refunds apply:

  • Three months or earlier: the payment shall be fully refunded minus a small processing fee.
  • Minimum three weeks before: 50% of the payment will be refunded. 
  • Minimum one week before: 25% of the payment will be refunded.
  • Less than one week: the full payment will be retained by the Tranzac.

HST is considered to be part of all percentages.