Dave Clark Presents! Alli Sunshine & Dave Bidini

Dave Clark Presents! showcases fantastic local artists who perform their original music. Each event is a surprise gift of sonic goodies for you to behold. See upcoming brilliance and veteran magic perform for your pleasure. Dave Clark Presents! Alli Sunshine & Dave Bidini. All three artists will perform solo sets of their original songs. Alli […]


This new quartet returns for Karen Ng’s Tranzac monthly Ted Crosby – sax, clarinet Ben Dwyer – bass Phil Melanson – drums Karen Ng – sax, clarinet

Marilyn Lerner/Matt Brubeck Duo

Marilyn Lerner-piano and Matt Brubeck-cello, in dialogue, compositions and improvisations. Join us for an evening of sublimity.

Conventional Weapons/Cetacea (MUSICA UNIVERSALIS)

Excited for the March Musica Universalis monthly!! I haven’t played with my good pal Tristan Tims in years! Stoked to reunite as our duo Conventional Weapons.. and stoked to have my good pal Bryan W. Bray (who also made the beautiful poster!!!) opening as his solo project Cetacea Tranzac southern cross lounge March 8th, 9:30pm […]

Dave Clark Presents! Erin Noel & Jane Gowan

Dave Clark Presents! Erin Noel & Jane Gowan. Erin is soulful and joyous in her music making.I’m tickled to that she is playing this show. Jane is a poet who deftly wields her words inside of an indie pop landscape. Check out her band The Real Shade (www.therealshade.com). Dave Clark plays an eclectic mix of […]

Clela Errington and Barbara Lynch

Clela Errington and Barbara Lynch – Together Clela and Barbara choose an old fashioned ’round robin’ style performance, trading songs, sometimes playing together and sometimes alone, whatever serves the songs best. Both singer-songwriters work in a combination of genres including folk, country, blues and jazz, played on acoustic guitar or piano. Their musical styles compliment […]

Conversation Jazz Jam

Conversation – a Tranzac Jam is a weekly jam that invites musicians and dancers into a safe space where the only rule is be in the moment while creating music in community with others. Each week a house band starts off the night with a 45 minute set of music and then the floor is […]

All-Set! Presents: Molehill

Molehill returns to the Tranzac to deliver our monthly slice of improvised minimalist dub music. This leap year edition will feature a trio set by Molehill lifers Jake Oelrichs (drums), Pete Johnston (electric stringed instrument), and Mike Smith (bass and electronics).

Chris Banks + The Adjacence

Saxophonist and curator Karen Ng invites guests and collaborators every month to present a night of improvised music or music that lies outside expectations.  Karen Ng presents: Chris Banks – solo synth & electronics *debut performance! + The Adjacence Lina Allemano – trumpet Ryan Driver – bristle bass Nick Fraser – drums Karen Ng – […]