PORTAGE with George Koller, Bruce Cassidy, Diane Roblin

PORTAGE is a trio of accomplished creative musicians who take you on a journey through spontaneous and improvised arrangements. With their music as the vessel, they transport you through lands, forests, rivers, and even other dimensions. Each performance is a unique experience, as they expertly navigate through a variety of genres and styles. They explore […]

Never Was

The final Never Was performance of 2023 will feature Brandon Davis on bass, Madeleine Ertel on trumpet, Patrick O’Reilly on guitar, and Joe Sorbara on drums and percussion. __ Never Was is a quartet featuring Madeleine Ertel on trumpet, Naomi McCarroll-Butler on alto saxophone and clarinet, Patrick O’Reilly on guitar, and Joe Sorbara on drums […]

Tania Gill Presents: John Millard’s Hope Street and Tania Gill Quartet

Tania Gill Presents: John Millard’s Hope Street (7pm) features songs by John Millard (banjo, voice) with improvised accompaniment by Rob Clutton (bass) and Chris Pruden (keyboards). Tania Gill Quartet (8pm), Tania Gill (piano, synth), Brodie West (reeds), Rob Clutton (bass) and Nico Dann (drums) play compositions by Tania Gill.

François Houle & Joe Sorbara ‘Hush’ album release + special guest Marilyn Lerner

Join celebrated west coast clarinetist François Houle and drummer/ percussionist Joe Sorbara to celebrate the release of their duo recording ‘Hush,’ on ezz-thetics by HatHut. We will gather in the Southern Cross Lounge at 9:30pm on November 3rd for a short duo set followed by a series of more extended explorations with special guest pianist, […]

Piers Oolvai’s Album Celebration Party featuring Naomi McCarroll-Butler

Piers Oolvai (he/him/they/them) is a queer effected bass clarinetist and electroacoustic composer of the post-progressive ambient, avant-garde neo-classical variety in Southern Ontario. They will be celebrating the release of their first full-length release ‘Solace Shards’ released this year, playing of the album’s soundscapes and instrumental songs… and maybe some surprise oddities! Naomi McCarroll-Butler (she/her) is […]

Never Was

Never Was is a quartet named after a curious sentence from The You Train by science fiction and fantasy writer, N.K. Jemisin. Featuring Madeleine Ertel on trumpet, Naomi McCarroll-Butler on alto saxophone and clarinets, Patrick O’Reilly on guitar, and Joe Sorbara on drums and percussion, the group explores original music in the Black American Creative […]

Fundraiser for Audiopollination Guelph

Join a fundraiser to help Audiopollination Guelph continue to thrive and the improvised music community to continue to benefit from its existence. 4 great 30min sets of improvised music. 7:30pm to 8:00pm 3M: Mira Martin-Gray, Mark Zurawinski, Mickle32 8:15 to 8:45 Tegan Dietsch and Annie Elgie 9:00 to 9:30 Patrick O’Reilly, Elizabeth Lima, Christine Duncan […]

Donna Lee Quartet

The Donna Lee Quartet w Marilyn Lerner, Josh Cole, Phil Melanson and Brodie West. A note from Brodie West: For my monthly at the Tranzac I will often schedule my quintet called The Brodie West Quintet which is Tania Gill piano, Josh Cole bass, Nick Fraser drums, Evan Cartwright drums and  myself. Sometimes the drummers […]

The Ryan Driver Quintet

The Ryan Driver Sextet specializes in the psychedelification of popular American songs from the 1920’s through 1960’s. They have been engaging in this task monthly since 1999, when they started playing as a quartet at Graffiti’s in Kensington Market. The sextet plays only ballads, and almost always very slowly. That said, the interpretations are wildly […]