Howard Gladstone Band + Lynn Harrison

Howard Gladstone Band are back at the Tranzac, this month with special guest singer/songwriter Lynn Harrison. Howard Gladstone performs his unique original folk/roots songs with flavours of blues/jazz/world and other sounds, accompanied by a great group: Tony Quarrington (guitars, vocal), Laura Fernandez (vocal, piano), Bob Cohen (bass) and Ambrose Pottie (drums). Themes range from reflections […]

The Toronto Folk Festival Launch Party

On the two year anniversary of his residency, host Phillip Vonesh has invited everyone who has ever played his Songwriters Showcase, to come and perform to help launch the brand new Toronto Folk Festival! Come out to see 30 + performers between 7PM – 12AM in the Southern Cross on March 23rd. We will be […]

Before the Thaw

Before the Thaw is part of Song Experiment, a monthly song lab hosted by Cassie Norton to provide songwriters a venue for explorations into different approaches to song-writing, instrumentation, arrangement or all three. Each month, a different artist and approach is featured welcoming surprise and collaboration. Drawing/colouring supplies and big banner paper will be provided […]

Clela Errington and Barbara Lynch

Clela Errington and Barbara Lynch – Together Clela and Barbara choose an old fashioned ’round robin’ style performance, trading songs, sometimes playing together and sometimes alone, whatever serves the songs best. Both singer-songwriters work in a combination of genres including folk, country, blues and jazz, played on acoustic guitar or piano. Their musical styles compliment […]

Sarah Greene Presents featuring Jason Pilling w/ Das Book

Come join us on Wednesday, February 21 in Tranzac’s Southern Cross Lounge for the final monthly instalment of this incarnation of Sarah Greene Presents; featuring special guest Jason Pilling w/ Das Book. 7 pm: Jason Pilling with Das Book 8 pm: Sarah Greene with Paul Kolinski and Michael Herring PWYC ** Jason Pilling with Das […]

Pickle Juice Trio & Ugly Bug Band

The Pickle Juice Trio will warm up the afternoon/evening with their blend of country/blues and spacey improvisation, followed by the debut of new compositions and a new line up of musicians in the Ugly Bug Band.    

Justin Orok Presents…

A series presenting emerging or underappreciated songwriters, paired with carefully curated bands making music together for the first time. The featured artist of the week will explore their history through a mix of original songs and covers, while making connections with a diverse array backing musicians from various corners of the Toronto music community. For […]

Bill Wood with Shelley Coopersmith! Tranzac! Sunday February 4! 5-7pm!

Bill Wood’s songs have been described as “what happens when 30 years of songwriting, honed over decades of hard life experiences, meet the craftsmanship of a career musician who doesn’t know what it means to compromise.” Paired with the sweet sounds of Burke Carroll’s pedal steel and resophonic guitars, these songs take on the aura […]

Howard Gladstone Band + Wide Arches

Howard Gladstone & Band is back for their “first Sunday of every month” performance, Howard is on vocal and guitar performing melodic and lyrically strong original songs from his seven albums. The Band consists of Tony Quarrington (guitar/vocal), Laura Fernandez (piano/vocal), Bob Cohen (bass), and Ambrose Pottie (drums). TheToronto contemporary folk trio Wide Arches, led […]