November Art Show: Jen Claveau - Forest Love. Free. Main Hall and Southern Cross.

I am a visual artist and musician, working with mixed media to explore the connection between visual arts, music and nature. I have developed my own creative processes, involving watercolour techniques, acrylic disintegration, canvas scraping, collage, blended with music translations and forest meditations to bring my polyphonic visions to life. I often make my own collage materials, combined with painted canvasses, deconstruction and rebuilding.

I have developed my own signature style branded "Intracolour" or "Intracolourism". My style is the result of consciously creating an environment of spontaneous unravelling, by simultaneously considering all the angles and textures of light and dark. I consider myself an explorer of colour ideas. I use squares, cubes and boxes as my primary containers for experimentation. I see the infinite potential within the boxes of colours and where they spontaneously appear in the present moment. Once I reach a visual "flow state", I bend colours, like strings on a guitar.

I grew up playing in the ravines of Toronto and see myself as a dual citizen of the forest and the city, existing in both and between these two worlds. Playing in the space of the forest allows me to see creatures up close. When I am moving through
the city, I am closer to people. Both perspectives inspire my art and music. My “Forest Love” series began as a Muskoka-based community project and sparked my interest in forest management and biodiversity conservation. These paintings are the beginning of that journey and symbolize respect for the creatures who call the forest their home. The images reflect the importance of family bonds. Community promotes a feeling of safety, a bond with nature, a relationship with all beings and the land. Our community is fragile and our friends needs protection.

This past summer we saw record forest fires in Canada and around the world. I started a petition to call on the government to do more to protect our forests, which has over 11,600 signatures. Please consider signing.

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