Event Series Justin Orok Presents…

Justin Orok Presents…

Southern Cross Lounge, Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

A series presenting emerging or underappreciated songwriters, paired with carefully curated bands making music together for the first time. The featured artist of the week will explore their history through a mix of original songs and covers, while making connections with a diverse array backing musicians from various corners of the Toronto music community. For […]

Featured Featured

Nadah El Shazly with Sarah Pagé + Khôra

Main Hall, Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

Egyptian vocalist & producer Nadah El Shazly returns to Toronto in duo with harpist Sarah Pagé. Supported by experimental electronic musician Khôra celebrating their LP release and Finno-Baltic neofolk duo Honeypaw. El Shazly (Land of Kush) mixes seeds of traditional Egyptian music with contemporary electronic & synthesized sounds. Playing with improvised forms she builds songs […]

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