The Bombadils – “Dear Friend”

Southern Cross Lounge, Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

Join folk darlings Sarah Frank and Luke Fraser — The Bombadils — for a night of poetic lyrics and picturesque bluegrass instrumentation. Their new and original album "Dear Friend" is a series of love letters of a certain kind—to family and friends, to strangers and neighbors, to cities and landscapes, to each other. They will […]



Southern Cross Lounge, Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

Tabiba means female doctor or healer in Arabic. Tabiba is a brand new multi-generational Arab women’s drum and vocal ensemble made up of world music artists Leen Hamo (Syria/Canada), Maryem Hassan Tollar (Egypt/Canada), Roula Said (Palestine/Canada), and Tara Moneka (Iraq/Canada). Tabiba mixes the colours of their voices, traditions and inspirations to make music medicine.

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