Howard Gladstone Band + Wide Arches

Howard Gladstone & Band is back for their “first Sunday of every month” performance, Howard is on vocal and guitar performing melodic and lyrically strong original songs from his seven albums. The Band consists of Tony Quarrington (guitar/vocal), Laura Fernandez (piano/vocal), Bob Cohen (bass), and Ambrose Pottie (drums). TheToronto contemporary folk trio Wide Arches, led […]

Q&A: Quarrington and Adams

(Tony) QUARRINGTON and (Zoey) ADAMS are a delightful, dynamic duo of singer/songwriters. They have released six albums of original material, and their songs are very diverse, ranging from jazz to ballads to blues to bluegrass and beyond. Come and join them for two sets of beautiful melodies, clever lyrics, and masterful guitar playing. Sunday, July […]

Howard Gladstone Trio

Howard Gladstone is a singer/songwriter with a residency on the “first Sunday of every month” in the Southern Cross Room. He performs original material in the folk, roots, jazz, vein along with stellar accompanists Tony Quarrington (guitar) and Bob Cohen (bass). Most months also feature a Special guest performer to add spice and interest and […]