DUN DUN LAND feat Dun-Dun Man and guests on the second Tuesday of the month from 7-9pm in the Southern Cross Lounge.

Dun-Dun Land, Night 13 (ft. Dun-Dun Man)

DUN-DUN LAND Second Tuesday of each month, 7-9pm Southern Cross Lounge Guitarist and Dun-Dun Band leader Craig Dunsmuir (a.k.a. Dun-Dun Man) debuts and workshops new tunes he prepares to present to his band, often splitting the bill with another act chosen by him, and occasionally joined by guests during his own set proper to flesh […]

Joe Silvaggio Album Launch

A celebration for the release of the album: Away with Me by singer songwriter: Joe Silvaggio. Featuring a rhythm section comprised of Joe’s two sons: Thomas and James Silvaggio. With special guests, the great surf and instrumental rock combo: Atomic Beliveas.

Little Window

Come join us for Little Window’s EP release show at the Living Room and fuzzed-out folk rock off their new EP ‘DEATH CLUB 2’ Sept 30th at the Tranzac, Southern Cross (292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto, ON) PWYC Show starts at 3pm (The gang will be around from 2pm-5pm)

Lucy Rose Cash

Enjoy all new songs from Lucy Rose Cash as well as soulful additions from her album Windswept Perfectionist. Featuring a newer band opening led by Bebe and Oona Cutter. This all ages show carries intricate lyrics and strong melodies all crafted by young artists.

Darsombra / Alia Synesthesia

Darsombra is a cinematic conceptual rock band from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Featuring composer Brian Daniloski on guitar, bass, vocals, and sound design, and filmmaker Ann Everton on synth, vocals, percussion, and projections, Darsombra is internationally known for walking the line between glam-prog-psych-stoner metal and site-specific installation performance art. Live, their carefully crafted songs and videos […]

Dun-Dun Land, Night 7

This month’s edition of Dun-Dun Land features two different duos joining guitarist Craig Dunsmuir for two sets total of trio riff-medley moves: first, with Dun-Dun rhythm section members Jay Anderson (Roland Handsonic) and Josh Cole (electric bass); followed by fellow Dun-Dun Band member Karen Ng (alto saxophone) playing alongside guest guitarist Jasper Stadhouders from Amsterdam!