Conventional Weapons/Cetacea (MUSICA UNIVERSALIS)

Excited for the March Musica Universalis monthly!! I haven’t played with my good pal Tristan Tims in years! Stoked to reunite as our duo Conventional Weapons.. and stoked to have my good pal Bryan W. Bray (who also made the beautiful poster!!!) opening as his solo project Cetacea Tranzac southern cross lounge March 8th, 9:30pm […]

Furniture Music Composition Workshop

The Furniture Music Composition Workshop is a monthly series (or space?) for composers either dealing with an idea that they’re stuck on or with sounds that are impossible to realize through a computer. Hosted in the Tranzac’s Living Room (usually) every 4th Sunday (usually) from 2-4pm (usually) we assemble a rotating panel of three skilled performer-composers […]

Fundraiser for Audiopollination Guelph

Join a fundraiser to help Audiopollination Guelph continue to thrive and the improvised music community to continue to benefit from its existence. 4 great 30min sets of improvised music. 7:30pm to 8:00pm 3M: Mira Martin-Gray, Mark Zurawinski, Mickle32 8:15 to 8:45 Tegan Dietsch and Annie Elgie 9:00 to 9:30 Patrick O’Reilly, Elizabeth Lima, Christine Duncan […]