All-Set! Presents: Molehill

Molehill returns to the Tranzac to deliver our monthly slice of improvised minimalist dub music. This leap year edition will feature a trio set by Molehill lifers Jake Oelrichs (drums), Pete Johnston (electric stringed instrument), and Mike Smith (bass and electronics).

All-Set! Presents: Molehill with Chris Pruden

All-Set! Presents returns with Molehill, the new moniker for the trio of Mike Smith (electronics), Jake Oelrichs (drums), and Pete Johnston (bass). On this evening we are excited to be joined by Chris Pruden (piano) for another edition of slowly-unfolding improvised electro-acoustic music.

All-Set! Presents

All-Set! Presents features music based around the trio of Mike Smith (electronics), Pete Johnston (bass) and Jake Oelrichs (drums). The music made in this monthly residency is largely improvised in a subtly-propulsive way that mixes jazz, minimalism and progressive rock. A rotating cast of guests drawn from the roster of Smith and Johnston’s recording imprint […]