DUN DUN LAND feat Dun-Dun Man and guests on the second Tuesday of the month from 7-9pm in the Southern Cross Lounge.

Dun-Dun Land, Night 13 (ft. Dun-Dun Man)

DUN-DUN LAND Second Tuesday of each month, 7-9pm Southern Cross Lounge Guitarist and Dun-Dun Band leader Craig Dunsmuir (a.k.a. Dun-Dun Man) debuts and workshops new tunes he prepares to present to his band, often splitting the bill with another act chosen by him, and occasionally joined by guests during his own set proper to flesh […]

Ayal Senior & Friends

Ayal Senior & Friends has been delivering a frothy, eclectic showcase of music, art and performance from different genres including spoken work and comedy for several years now in the Sunday afternoon music matinee series at the Tranzac. Open format by nature, Ayal Senior & Friends provides a safe, creative space for emerging and established artists to […]

Nicole Rampersaud / Off World Double LP Release + Playdate

Double LP release show. Off World (Constellation Records) release their swan-song “3” and perform live as an ensemble consisting of Sandro Perri (electronics), Andrew Zukerman (electronics), Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet), Martin Arnold (electric guitar) and Josh Cole (electric bass). Nicole Rampersaud releases her stunning debut LP “Saudade” (Ansible Editions) and performs solo (trumpet + electronics). Playdate […]

Jesse Levine (Solo) + Dun Dun Man

Come out to see two unique Toronto performers play original and quirky sounds! Craig Dunsmuir is a mainstay at the Tranzac with his various configurations of Dun Dun (solo or with a large ensemble). With Dun Dun Man, a solo guitar departure, he uses riffs, loops and repetitive motifs to drive his rhythmic playing. This […]

Bridge Of Sand + Hate Generation

bridge of sand. returns to play some mostly unreleased sound collage infused pop and trip hop songs. He will be joined by the the instrumental hip hop group HATE GENERATION opening with some ambient trap tunes.

Triio // Magnetic Dreaming EP Release (Elastic Recordings) feat. We Free

Following their sophomore release, Six-ish Plateaus, Triio will be celebrating the release of its first EP, Magnetic Dreaming at the end of September 2023. This piece is a multi-movement suite spanning multiple genres and atmospheres, all tied together through dream-like logic of a Lovecraft story, followed by a performance of their 2022 LP, Six-ish Plateaus, […]

Cosmic Homeostasis

Cosmic Homeostasis is an artistic collective that gathers for the purpose of creating large-ensemble improvised drone-based music. Mixing performers with diverse musical backgrounds and experience levels, performances create space to develop improvisatory skills through listening while constructing unique sonic environments. This is not an “open jam”, but newcomers are always welcome: email Joe (mechanicalforestsound@gmail.com) for […]