Equipment & Instrument Donation

Equipment and Instrument Donation Information

We’re more than a space! Tranzac equips and maintains a backline in each of the three performance spaces in our building. This includes music and mic stands, amplifiers, drum kits, and more. Donations of instruments and equipment from community members enable thousands of performances and rehearsals each year. We also accept donations of other practical materials for our event spaces.

Are you interested in donating an instrument or equipment? Take a moment to review our equipment updates below which indicate what we are accepting at the moment, and then use the submission form to contact us as required. We ask that you include an image of your proposed donation. Do not bring donated equipment or instruments to the Tranzac unless you have received confirmation from a staff member.

We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Drums, cymbals, hardware, hi-hat clutches, thrones / we are most often in need of new hardware and instruments for our drum kits.
  • Microphone stands / a priority for us, we are also open to receiving stand parts that can be repurposed
  • Music stands
  • Amps / while less of a priority, our tech director will be happy to review potential donated amps. Replacement tubes for tube amps are a common need.
  • Cabling / we are accepting heavy duty power cables and power bars
  • Microphones
  • Furniture & Storage / we accept plastic folding tables, and padded folding chairs.

Not accepting

  • Pianos / we are not currently accepting piano donations (upright or grand).
  • Organs / we are not currently accepting organ donations.
  • Metal Folding chairs / we are not currently accepting folding chair