Tuesday, January 31: Jessica Pavone & Tristan Kasten Krause + Lina Allemano Four + Jelly Ear. 8 pm, $12/PWYC. In the Southern Cross Lounge. 

Burn Down The Capital & Nick Fraser team up to present Jessica Pavone & Tristan Kasten Krause, Lina Allemano Four and Jelly Ear in the Southern Cross Lounge.

NYC based violist Jessica Pavone and bassist Tristan Kasten Krause come together in this haunting duo with a new release on Relative Pitch Records fittingly titled "Images of One". The duo's seamlessly meditative yet moving compositions see their instruments interwoven as one voice, often traversing as a single sonic force accented by subtle fluctuations. The music creeps beyond its size filling the space like a rolling fog. Tension hums as riled strings shout out in sharp protest. Strings take on the facade of organ notes with their smooth curves and quivering undertones. Heavy contemporary string music!

Bi-continental trumpeter Lina Allemano is back in Toronto for a spell with her most classic avant jazz free wheeling quartet featuring Brodie West (alto sax), Andrew Downing (double bass) and Nick Fraser (drums). The quartet's songs are born from the world of jazz, but often meander into other territories improvising their paths. The horns converse, mimic and embellish each other in a playful nature as if they are siblings. Bass lines whisper as guttural trumpet notes hobble quietly along side. The four feel comfortable flowing from slow moving passages filled with thoughtful interactions to the more fast paced free jazz fueled rambunction of a school yard recess. Don't miss this Toronto out jazz crew while they are all in town!

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