Tranzac's May Artist In Residence: Soozi Schlanger (on display in the Southern Cross and the Main Hall until the end of the month).

Soozi Schlanger is a Toronto born multi-dimensional and multi media artist. Storytelling is at the heart of her work in both the musical and visual spheres. Her writing was recently published in the Globe and Mail ( 2021, Master Kim) and she is currently working on writing and illustrating a number stories for both children and adults.

Discarded/recycled/found objects have been an important part of her artistic ‘ammo’ from early childhood. In 1977, she founded Kaleidoscope, a recycle art program for parents and children - a program still in progress at Toronto’s Harbourfront Art Centre.  From 1985 -1990 she taught portraiture and sculpture at Central Technical School. In 1994 her Installation A Child’s Bedroom was featured in Canadian Art Magazine. Soozi is a participant in A Greener Future's Litter Art Project, in which artists use trash collected from the shores of Lake Ontario in their art pieces. 

Since 1997 Soozi Schlanger has led Toronto’s Trad.Cajun/Zydeco band Swamperella. In 2013 Soozi launched a music project of original material, ‘soozimusic.  

For the past 5 years, she has been developing an art form for portraiture - tape art - working with coloured tape in place of paint. 

Her current exhibit, installed at the Tranzac Club, is a retrospective of early portraits (main hall) including those of several Toronto musicians (crayon on canvas).  In addition to acrylic and oil pastel works on paper, a wall sculpture (Southern Cross room) explores the impact of language on our unconscious and often racist  belief systems. Four portrait silhouettes house the dictionary definitions of the colours White, Black, Yellow, and Red. You are encouraged to ‘read this art’. 

Proceeds from any sales will be directed to Ukrainian relief organizations.

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