While the club was closed during the pandemic, we took the opportunity to do some renovation work. This meant a fair bit of (necessary) dust and debris. With the club reopening hopefully on the horizon in the fall (we're keeping our eye on public health measures, and we want to do it safely as possible), we've got some cleanup work to do. This includes some sorting and decluttering of old, unused items around the club, some finishing work like painting, and general cleanup.
We're adhering to necessary COVID-19 precautions for this cleanup effort, including mandatory masking indoors (we have masks available if you need one), limiting the number of people on a given cleanup shift, and maintaining a contact/COVID screening list in order to make sure that we're working as safely as we can.
If you're able to volunteer for a three-hour (or more) shift, you can contact Sue at and we can schedule you in!
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