Tranzac Presents 2021-22

Tranzac Presents 2021-22 features several performances as a series of concerts presented in person and online.

Available to stream: BLOOP, Lina Allemano Four, Titanium Riot, John Showman & Chris Coole, The Titillators, CHANDRA, New Chance, Motorists, Ronley Teper & The Lipliners, Vivienne Wilder

Other featured artists: Picastro, Fortunato Durutti Marinetti, Pukeylips, Kristine Schmitt, Jesse Corrigan, Alan Mackie, Jaron Freeman.

Tranzac Lockdown Mix: following the renewed safety measures in December 2021, the Tranzac New Years Eve gathering was cancelled. Craig Dunsmuir, who was scheduled to perform at the event, prepared the following mix:

Tranzac Presents is made possible through the generous support of FACTOR, The Department of Canadian Heritage, and the Ontario Arts Council.

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