Tranzac at Mariposa

Here's Rebecca Campbell (member of the board, plays in the SPECIAL INTEREST group fourth Weds of every month and Collette Savard and the Savants every second Thursday of the month) representing the Tranzac at Mariposa with Buffy Sainte-Marie backstage. So many Tranzac people bring you Mariposa every year it's a little hard to list: Rebecca and Robin were at the Main Stage; Colin Puffer, Lokchi Lam and Signe Miranda did sound; Michael Booth MCed; Collette Savard did the instrument petting zoo; Abigail Lapell, Christine Bougie and Felicity Williams all played, as did Fred Eaglesmith and Kevin Breit; and the Tranzac electrical contingent included Jeff, Jim, Joan, Donna, Lee, Bryn, and Rob (Folkplay Stage). As Colin Puffer says: the Tranzac is still the tech core of Mariposa.

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