Ayal Senior donates paintings to Tranzac Club's membership drive and fundraiser

From Ayal:

It’s been a drag to think that the monthly Tranzac Club players can’t reunite this month, in person, that is, for our monthly music & comedy explorations. But how soon is when? In the meantime, I’d like to offer my services as a painter of paintings to raise money for Tranzac, a CRUCIAL centre for creative, artistic self expression in our city. For a $25 donation to Tranzac, I will paint you something that looks like THIS: (Well, not exactly this, of course, but something strangely like it.) All shipping and expenses will be covered by me. Send a donation their way, DM me, and LET’S GO! What the Tranzac means to myself, and the myriad communities that it serves, supports & elevates is beyond words. When this is all over, we can meet again and fill it’s space with all the music,poetry, dance, paintings and PEOPLE it can hold, deal?

Health & Strength!



For those who wish to do either of the above over e-transfer instead of PayPal, you can send an e-transfer to Paul Woodley at and let him know if it is $30 for a one year membership or your chosen amount for a donation.

There’s also a Tranzac staff emergency fund, to help out Tranzac staff while we wait for government programs to kick in:

Or e-transfer to board member Brenna MacCrimmon at and please put "Tranzac staff relief fund" in the message field.

Contact Ayal Senior at

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