September Art Show: Francie Adamson (in the Southern Cross & Main Hall). 

Artist Bio: Francie Adamson

Francie Adamson is a life-long artist who captures the joy of light and colour so people can bring that energy inside to uplift and inspire them.

Being free, spontaneous, and intuitive is primary in her art, and she also applies this as a yoga therapist helping people connect to their own joy.

Born into a family of artists in the picturesque city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Francie Adamson's artistic journey was destined from the very beginning. Her father, the renowned Canadian artist Arthur Adamson, and her mother Lillian provided the nurturing backdrop against which her creative spirit flourished. Surrounded by the vast and awe-inspiring beauty of Canada's northern lakes and forests, Francie's most profound muse has always been nature itself.

From a young age, Francie found herself immersed in the rich tapestry of artistic expression. Her parents' eclectic art collection, which included captivating Inuit art sculptures, opened her eyes to the diverse and vibrant world of creativity. Regular trips to art galleries, particularly the renowned Winnipeg Art Gallery, instilled in her a deep appreciation for the wide spectrum of artistic eras and styles.

Francie's artistic journey knows no bounds when it comes to mediums. She revels in the versatility of acrylics, oils, markers, clay, and stone, allowing her to translate her creative vision into a multitude of forms. Her artistic pursuits have led her on a geographical adventure, spanning from the serene landscapes of Manitoba to the idyllic Saltspring Island, the bustling streets of Vancouver, and the vibrant cultural tapestry of Toronto. Currently, she calls the charming town of Courtice, Ontario, home, where she resides with her loving husband and her two accomplished children.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Francie finds inspiration in the simple joys of life. She shares a deep affinity for the tranquility of lakes and rivers, frequently indulging in the refreshing embrace of their waters. Her creativity extends beyond her canvas into the kitchen, where she masterfully crafts culinary delights. And, when the muse beckons, she cherishes the blissful moments of restorative naps.

In her art, Francie Adamson beautifully intertwines her reverence for nature, her exposure to diverse artistic influences, and her boundless creative spirit. Her work invites viewers to embark on a visual journey that transcends time and style, echoing the rich tapestry of her life experiences and the captivating beauty of the natural world.

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