See Through 4 donate all proceeds of their new record, Bog Standards, (and all See Through Music albums) to Tranzac Club until we reopen

From Pete Johnston:

I will be donating any money earned through sales of any of my albums on Bandcamp to the Tranzac from today until the day our beloved club re-opens. Rest assured that the funds from any purchase in this time frame - digital or CD - will be passed on to the Tranzac. Of course, it’s more efficient to donate directly to the Tranzac, but if you would like some immediate music out of the deal, I humbly offer the records on my site as a soundtrack for social isolation.

To that end, I was supposed to release a new album with my band See Through 4 at the Tranzac on 21 March. Of course, that didn’t happen. But I released the record out into the world anyway, so you can simulate the experience at home. Here’s a bit about the record, which is called Bog Standards:

Album Blurb:

The tunes on Bog Standards are re-workings of tunes I originally recorded with my band See Through Trio. I was inspired to re-visit these tunes by how pianist Paul Bley continually returned to the compositions of Carla Bley and Annette Peacock throughout his career. Playing the same tunes in different contexts is common in jazz, so I thought it might be time to give it a try myself with some of my current collaborators. For those who have followed my music, you will know that Karen Ng was in the second iteration of See Through Trio, and Jake Oelrichs and Rebecca Hennessy were both in an earlier, unrecorded version of See Through 4. We draw on this collective experience to investigate if there is any life left in these old tunes, and hope you enjoy the results of this exploration.

Bandcamp link:

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