Saturday, September 24: Queer Slowdance. Doors: 7:30 pm, Dance: 8 pm - midnight, $20.

In collaboration and partnership with Tranzac's Queermunity series, Toronto's QUEER SLOWDANCE Returns! ❤
With a lending library of designated dancers for all you wallflowers, and a dancecard-booklet to set up dances in advance (should you choose to), Toronto Queer Slowdance has all slow songs, all night long! (Except for the occasional intermission when we play the fastest songs we can find!)
It's high school with a happy ending. Come and experience why slow is beautiful, and why love is not ironic.
Fabulous and inspired attire, while desired, is not required. But it would be AWESOME and HAWT. As this is our first Post-Covid Edition, we urge you to wear the thing you were unable to wear because the Coronavirus prevented it. Was there a wedding or prom or costume party cancellation you were affected by? Wear the thing you were going to wear. We'd love to see it!
You do not have to be queer to attend this party, but you must have an open mind, an open heart, and open arms. Do keep in mind that many of our attendees fall within the LGBTTQIA+ continuum and may or may not be interested in dancing with the "opposite" sex, so if you are stridently straight, this may not be the most receptive community for you. That said, we have a wide plethora of attendees, and it is impossible to know who might show up on any given night.
We are always looking for Designated Dancers for our evenings. If you are outgoing, warm, and willing to undertake the very serious duty and responsibility of inviting wallflowers out onto the dancefloor - if in fact, such a prospect gives you great joy - then please contact the organizers at with QUEERDD in the subject line.
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More info over at the Facebook event page here.
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