Residencies / Call for Proposals

Tranzac Residency Call For Proposals

Deadline: November 4, 2022, 11:59 pm | NO LONGER ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS

We are inviting artists to propose new activities for Tranzac's 2023 collaborative residency program.

Artist-lead performance residencies have been at the heart of Tranzac programming for years, and continue to propel our development as an organization. This year we are introducing additional streams for artists to take part in.

The Tranzac supports and partners with artists representing a diversity of approaches, aesthetics, and identities. Our goal is to connect with artists at various stages in their creative process in order to establish and sustain meaningful relationships.

Overview of residency streams:

Performance residencies:

Ideal for folks who want to share their craft and collaborations with an audience! Some residency artists also treat this as an opportunity to curate regular guest performers. These residencies take place during our public hours in the Southern Cross and the Living Room. The residency consists of a monthly slot that runs for a minimum of three months, and up to a full year depending on the goals of the proposal.

Current performance residency programming features a variety of artists working in jazz, folk, and experimental music and sound. We are open to hearing from artists working in these and other various musical styles.

Activities in the Southern Cross are focused on music performance, whereas the Living Room hosts a variety of disciplines. The Living Room also offers a more focused listening space as there is not an active bar in the room.

Performing artists earn money at the door (passing the hat). Artists performing in the Southern Cross also receive a portion of bar sales during their set.

Rehearsal / Artist Development residencies: 

  • General rehearsal and development: Ideal for folks who are looking for a space to develop their ideas, or build up a new shared initiative. Rehearsals allow you to make use of backline equipment and instruments available at the Tranzac. Rehearsal residencies are staggered through the year and run for four months. Participants are able to schedule 20 hours total in the space during the residency period on weekdays before 5pm. This amount can be adjusted based on the scope of a proposal, and venue/staff capacity. 
  • Piano residencies: This variation on the rehearsal residency is ideal for folks who want to use a piano and don’t have ready access to one. The Tranzac has a baby grand in the main hall which is available to the residency artists. Time can be spent individually at the instrument (writing, practicing, recording, dreaming, and so on) or in a small group. Piano residencies are staggered through the year and run for six months. Participants are able to schedule 25 hours in the space during the residency period on weekdays before 5pm. This amount can be adjusted based on the scope of a proposal, and venue/staff capacity.

Potential outcomes: The Tranzac is open to discussing a one-off co-presented public event at the end of the rehearsal- and development-oriented residencies (performances, open rehearsals, artist talks, so on), but this is not a requirement. Alternatively, we can discuss providing technical support to produce a basic audio recording at the end of the residency period. We are excited to hear from you about what resources would serve your work.


The program is open to performing artists/groups  (music/sound, theatre, comedy, literature/poetry, etc) who can readily access the Tranzac.

Applicants may apply in more than one residency stream, although it is unlikely we would program an artist in multiple streams in a given year. Each residency stream application should be entered as a separate form response.

We ask that you disclose whether you as an individual artist/group are receiving external funding for your proposed activity.

Submission Requirements:

  • Main contact information
  • Residency description: information on your proposed activity to support the review committee decision
  • Support material: links to two samples (streaming audio/video, images, or other material) that represent your work. These samples are meant to provide added context for your proposal.


  • Deadline: November 4, 2022
  • Review of applications: November 2022
  • Results communicated: December 2022
  • January 2023: performance residencies, and initial rehearsal/development residencies begin


Contact with any questions you might have.