Past Tranzactions: Fourth Wednesday of the month, 10pm by Rebecca Campbell
Every visit to The TRANZAC is an adventure in discovery and surprise, kinship and takes-all-kinds, and inevitable exclamations of "who knew!" and "that is so cool"… You never know what combination of humanity is going to be gathered to do their thang in The TRANZAC’s multiple rooms on any given night, but it is always a delight to stand at the intersection of Tiki, Main Hall and Southern Cross, and take in the brilliant parade. That is one thing I will always cherish about The TRANZAC. We are multi-faceted, we are united in difference, and we celebrate each other. *
I’m a night owl. Night owls flourish in my line of work. I have spent my entire adult life singing in bands. Late nights are my natural habitat. So when my cohorts in the SPECIAL INTEREST group suggested we check with Sarah about moving our Southern Cross residency from its longstanding 10pm slot to 7:30, I was reticent. I liked getting kinda wild around the witching hour, then spilling out into the quiet city, undetected and incognito, and biking home with the streets to ourselves, while everyone else was safely tucked away in bed or in front of the TV (or both…) But it made sense. Our crowd of lefties and bike riding downtown elites ** would often cry bedtime when we harassed them to come out, for crying out loud! So when Sarah graciously offered up an early evening night on the calendar, we grabbed it. the SPECIAL INTEREST group · 7:30 to 9:30 · fourth Wednesday of the month. I'd miss hanging with the cool kids and staying up late on a school night, but I agreed with the merits of an earlier show. What I didn’t anticipate was the wonder, the camaraderie, and the sheer pleasure of discovery of ordering a post show draft, hunkering down at the back table, and taking in the 10pm show: Music by Harry and Furlong. Andrew Furlong and Harry Vetro are two young adventurous jazzers who have come up through the ranks, and created community at The TRANZAC. We have friends and colleagues in common, but we move in different circles, and so it is thanks to The TRANZAC that our spheres converge at least once a month, for a few hours starting around 9:30, on a Wednesday night. They cast a wide net, and play and curate very cool, often improvised music. You never know what flavours might be on any given night’s menu. And while that is, of course, always entertaining and illuminating, it’s the promotion of this series that inspired me to recollect.
Fourth Wednesday of the month, 10pm. I challenge you to come up with another venue where this button would make sense !!! Fourth Wednesday of the month, 10pm. That’s all you need to know. Be there! It’s as simple as that. But where is it? I think that’s obvious. And who’s playing? Trust me.
* There’s still LOTS to do to achieve a full spectrum of welcomeness at our particular gathering place — in the world, the city, the community… It is mired in historical assumptions and layers of multiple experiences and opportunities. But the model is there, to both break down and build up, and we can (and will) do better.
** to quote Don Cherry, at Rob Ford’s mayoral swearing-in ceremony.
Rebecca Campbell
the SPECIAL INTEREST group · The Southern Cross Lounge · 7:30 ~ 9:30 · Fourth Wednesday of the month
Collette Savard and The Savants ·  The Southern Cross Lounge · 10pm ~ 12am · Third Thursday of the month
TRANZAC Board of Directors


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