Monday, September 25: Burn Down The Capital Presents Colleen + Joni Void. Doors: 8 pm, Show: 8:30 pm, $20. Tickets available here. In the Main Hall. 

French artist Cécile Schott aka Colleen is fearless in her willingness to explore new sounds and new ways of creating music as a solo performer. Over the course of seven critically acclaimed albums released between 2003 and 2021, Cécile Schott consistently reinvented herself, first by taking acoustic instruments out of their usual context and pushing the boundaries of their playability, then through avant-pop electronic explorations.

Colleen’s growing passion for synthesis, bolstered by her collaborations with synth manufacturer Moog, have led to her 8th album Le jour et la nuit du réel, to be released on Thrill Jockey on September 22nd, 2023. Built as a suite of songs, the artist’s first double album is also her first purely instrumental work since 2007, and aims to translate through a myriad of sound transformations the complexity of our relation to reality, and its psychological mutations through the cycles of day and night.

Joni Void is the persona of Jean Néant (he/them), a Montréal-based ‘shapeshifting artist’, with output and various projects showcasing a devotion to experimentation, improvisation, collaboration and multi-genre explorations. Self-described as ‘cinéma-tek / cameratronica’ music, the montage-based production of Joni Void incorporates elements of electronic and sample-based beats, rap/hip-hop, psychedelia, musique concrète & plunderphonics, ambient/drone, glitch, minimalism & electro-acoustic / improvised music.

Néant returned in 2023 with the sound-poetry album ‘Everyday Is The Song’ (Constellation Records), a whimsical and contemplative voyage through Walkman field-recordings and collected tape and vinyl samples, as an ode to both the tangible and intangible forms of music and sound accumulated through one own’s life, and inherent experience of time, cycles and motion.

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