Monday, October 2: Tranzac's Annual General Meeting. Doors: 7 pm, Call To Order: 7:30 pm, free (must be a member in good standing). Register to attend online or in person here. In The Main Hall.

Invitation: Tranzac Annual General Meeting

Date: Monday, October 2, 2023
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm (Call to order at 7:30 pm)
Location: Online (zoom), or in person* (Tranzac Main Hall, 292 Brunswick Avenue)
*Masks suggested for in person attendance

We are inviting Tranzac members to take part in our Annual General Meeting on October 2. We will gather to review financial reports and highlights from 2022-23, elect our board of directors, and review and approve new policies.

To attend, please register now by completing the registration form and indicate whether you will join online or in person.

Advance registration for both the in person and Zoom AGM is required.
Membership status & voting | All members in good standing (having paid their membership fee prior to the meeting) will be able to vote at the AGM. Please renew your membership online or in person at the Southern Cross bar, and contact to verify your membership status. We strongly encourage you to renew prior to the date of the meeting, but registration/renewal forms will be available at the meeting.

Proxies | Members who are unable to attend the AGM (whether in person or virtually) and wish to vote by proxy are allowed to submit a proxy form (CLICK HERE to view/download a copy of the form). To appoint a proxy holder of your choice, clearly print your name their name in the designated spaces on the form. Date and sign the form. Send a copy of the completed form to the Tranzac ( for attendance/vote tracking, and send a copy to the member who is voting on your behalf to have on hand during the meeting.

Please note that the meeting agenda and documents will be circulated closer to the date of the AGM.

Register to attend the AGM in person or online here.

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