Tranzac Membership Drive / Spring 2022

The Tranzac would not be here without you! We made it through these first two years of the pandemic with the generosity and direct involvement of countless members. 

Now, a few months into reopening, residencies are resuming, partnerships are developing, and programming has quickly accelerated to the point that we regularly have activity in all three rooms on the main floor. It is a testament to the vitality of the cultural scene in Toronto, and a reminder of the unique role we play at the Tranzac.

The financial contributions of our members allow us to maintain our staff team, while taking on ambitious upgrades to both our building and equipment—whether improving sound dampening between performance spaces, renovating the Southern Cross bar, or purchasing and installing a new PA.

But our work is not complete! In the months ahead we will continue to plan for a more accessible and safe environment for activities at the Tranzac. Your membership will help us continue to provide masks for visitors, plan for larger projects including upgrades to our HVAC system, and resume programming of Tranzac presentations.

We encourage you to become a member, or renew your membership today

We made it through countless uncertainties because of your support, and we call on you to continue sustaining the Tranzac through your ongoing membership. The annual member fee is $30. If you can, we encourage you to donate above and beyond the annual fee.

~ From the Tranzac staff team

Feel free to contact us regarding your membership, and to inquire about payment options including e-transfers. Contact

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