Health and Safety HVAC Upgrades and Concluding Mask Mandate

Health & Safety: HVAC Upgrades & Concluding Mask Mandate

The Tranzac will be removing its mask mandate on April 16, 2023. From that point onwards, we strongly encourage visitors to wear masks at their discretion, and continue to ask that folks who are symptomatic avoid attending public activities.

Our motivation 

As of April 13, 2023 we have completed an important upgrade to our HVAC system with the installation of three ERV units, which are now operational. These units will greatly improve indoor air quality in the three performance spaces on our main floor by replenishing fresh air and exhausting stale air at a greater rate than was possible at the Tranzac previously.

Our approach since Spring 2022

As a venue and gathering place, we chose to preserve our mask mandate this past year. In that time we also budgeted to provide masks at the entrance to our building for guests. The mask mandate was a helpful and affordable health and safety measure. We want to extend our thanks to the artists, presenters, festivals, organizers, and communities who gathered in our building this past year and partnered with us to ensure safer conditions.

While we are introducing this change, we also want to express our ongoing commitment to partnering with artists and organizations to adopt a masking policy for events when requested. In particular, we can review options with those folks who have been in discussions with our staff team and are planning activities in the coming months.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Matthew Fava

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