Join the Tranzac board!

Do you want to be more involved in the governance and operations of the Tranzac Club? Do you have 5-8 hours per month to volunteer to sit on a working board? Consider joining the Tranzac Board!

We are recruiting for up to four new board members to join our current board of 8 members. We are seeking to add people with legal and grant writing experience to add these valuable skills to our team. We strongly encourage applications by people from equity seeking groups including (but not limited to!) Black, Indigenous and communities of colour; people with disabilities; LGBTQ and diverse gender identity communities; and others who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas. We are looking for for people who have experience creating or presenting art at the club and/or love the club and want to help us achieve our goals.

If this sounds like you, check out and complete the Board application form: If you have questions or want to chat before applying, email Sam (Tranzac Board President) at


In accordance with our bylaws, Candidates for Board Director must have been current members since the previous annual meeting. In order to properly represent the goals of the Club, at least six (6) of the Directors must have played an active role in creating and presenting a work of art at the club in the preceding year. “Creating” is defined as performing, composing/writing, curating, presenting/promoting or taking a significant role as a volunteer as agreed upon by the board of directors.

The term of office of the new Directors shall be from the date of the meeting at which they are elected or appointed until the next annual general meeting (AGM). If you are elected to join the board, you will serve until the 2021 AGM.


Sam Peck
President, Tranzac Board of Directors


Update (November 25):

Thank you to all those who applied to join the Tranzac Board of Directors! We are overwhelmed with the positive response and will be reaching out over the next week to everyone who applied. If you're interested but haven't yet applied, please do so by end-of-day Wednesday, December 2nd.

Apply here:

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