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Dear TRANZAC friends and family,

Since lockdowns began in March 2020, countless people who love the TRANZAC have sought assurances that we won't fall, and that we'll be there when the coast is clear to gather safely. We hear you loud and clear and we couldn’t agree more. We've worked tirelessly to ensure our survival. As have you, with donations and volunteer hours. Thank you!

Our not-for-profit organization relies on this support and engagement as a matter of course, but the last two years have been anything but normal. Thousands of live performance venues in Canada and across the world have been forced to close. The long term impact of this cultural tsunami will be both glaring and subliminal, and will unravel over time. But the TRANZAC is determined to stay afloat.

So here's where we need your help. We took the opportunity of closed doors to embark on some long overdue renovations, and in the process, we discovered that our bar infrastructure needed to be completely overhauled. It had served the TRANZAC well. It was time. Turns out, the replacement and upgrade of our antiquated refrigerators and bar equipment is an expensive endeavour. And while we’ve received a generous amount of government funding to keep us going these last two years, bar infrastructure is the one thing that grants will not fund.

Why is this so important for the TRANZAC?

Prior to the pandemic, bar sales accounted for more than half of our revenue. Like pretty much every performing arts venue, our two bars are an essential part of our business. And they’re also one of the reasons you love coming back. These repairs and rebuilds are overdue, and will enable us to continue serving you fresh, delicious beverages into the future, which will in turn help  the TRANZAC keep doing what it does. But it’s a big job! Total cost: $51,000. This constitutes a major overhaul of both bars and a wholesale replacement of our draft beer system. It also includes the employment of many good people.

So if you love the TRANZAC and you dream of once again sidling up to one of those bars (when it's safe to do so), please help us to complete this project, then come back and see us so we can serve you a cold one!

Every donation, large or small, will be appreciated. $51+ will get you a free pint! 

Please share this campaign with your friends, family, fans and community.

With love,
The TRANZAC staff and board

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