Blocks Blocks Blocks Recording Club

The □□□□□□ Recording Club is a Artist-Owned Worker’s Co-operative based in Toronto. Our goal is to work together as a musical community to help each other to record and release music that we as a community generate. We believe that working together we can accomplish far more than we ever could working apart and further, that by moving closer to a co-operative economy we’re helping in whatever small way we can, to minimize the harmful effects of capital in the world. The □□□□□□ Recording Club is run by an elected board that is chosen from the body of the co-op.

Flying Cloud Folk Club

The Flying Cloud is Toronto's longest running folk club, presenting the best in traditional and contemporary folk and roots music. Sunday Flying Cloud folk concerts are at 7:30 pm (doors open at 7:00 pm) September through May (with some holiday breaks). Once a month the concerts are presented by Mariposa Folk Foundation. For a full concert and workshop schedule and more information Tickets are available at the door and advance reservations are available by calling the Folk Phone at 416-410-FOLK (3655).


Who says rugby players never have good ideas? They did once, when they formed the NAGs in January 1976! A few rugby players and their mates, hanging around the Tranzac Club one winter night, decided to "start an acting group". We're an integral part of the Tranzac Club and have helped out with Caravan, the Fringe Festival, Flying Cloud and any other group that comes down to entertain and support the arts.We anticipate a great 30th Anniversary season in 2006 and look forward to welcoming old and new friends to a performance-packed season. We're always looking for new blood, so please get in touch with us if you'd like to join us. We'll welcome you with open arms.


Based in Toronto, Rat-drifting is a record label which takes its name from the colloquial term "rat-running". Rat-running is the practice of driving through residential side streets to avoid congested main roads. It's a happy metaphor for a kind of music-making: it has all that off-the-beaten-track stuff going for it but, more significantly, it suggests taking an activity to a place where it isn't intended, using something in a way it isn't meant for, unintentionally disturbing someplace comfortable (the disturbance being merely a by-product of an activity that has another set of preoccupations). Rat-drifting does not embrace a musical style, a methodology, or any general preference for certain musical materials. It does embrace a sensibility—the music drifts, it doesn't run. Rat-drifting music occurs regularly at The Tranzac. Artists:The Reveries,The Silt, Martin Arnold, The Draperies, Rob Clutton, Deep Dark United, The Guayaveras, Josh Thorpe, Michelle McAdorey, St. Dirt Elementary School, Drumheller

Toronto Zine Library

The Toronto Zine Library is run by a collective of zine readers, zine makers and librarians who are looking to make zines more accessible in Toronto. We believe that zines are still an important medium of communication, and that they should be cherished, protected, and promoted. Our aim to do this through our public collection of zines, conducting related workshops at our physical library and abroad, and by holding events that promote zines as a method of open communication and free expression.