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Friday 25 May: Kevin Chong Spreads The Plague (book launch)

Doors 7:30pm, PWYC


Pages UnBound is pleased to present the unique Toronto launch of Kevin Chong’s The Plague. Accompanied by his writing friends Naben Ruthnum, Kathryn Mockler and Michael LaPointe, Kevin will be spreading his vital and viral dystopian thoughts throughout the evening.

We will plague you with a two-pronged presentation. First there will be an interview round robin. The writers can ask each other any question: worst concert you’ve ever attended, best piece of clothing, why you write, favorite food, etc? The writers will interview each other in round-robin style. Writer A (Kevin) will start by interviewing B (Naben) for five minutes. Then Naben will interview C (Kathryn). After five minutes, Kathryn will interviews D (Michael). Then Michael will interview Naben; Naben will interview Kathryn, who, in turn, will interview Kevin.

And so it will go, until each writer has been interviewed and been the interviewee for every other author. The first round lasts five minutes, the second will be three minutes and the last will be just a minute.

After an intermission, each writer will read for 10 minutes.

There will be snacks!

What is The Plague?

Kevin Chong's The Plague is a modern retelling of the Camus classic that posits its story of infectious disease and quarantine in our contemporary age of social justice and rising inequity.

At first it's the dead rats; they start dying in cataclysmic numbers, followed by other city creatures. Then people begin experiencing flu-like symptoms as well as swellings in their lymph nodes. The masses react in disbelief when the official diagnosis comes in and later, when a quarantine is imposed on the increasingly terrified city.

Inspired by Albert Camus' classic 1947 novel, Kevin Chong's The Plague follows Dr Bernard Rieux's attempts to fight the treatment-resistant disease and find meaning in suffering. His efforts are aided by Megan Tso, an American writer who is trapped in the city while on a book tour, and Raymond Siddhu, a city hall reporter at a daily newspaper on its last legs from the latest round of job cuts.

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