Nick Teehan Kids Show in the Living Room

Living Room, Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

Nick Teehan and his musical partner Philip Miles perform their smash hit kids music, Dinos on the Bus, Buckaroo Baby, Baby Dinosaur and much more! PWYC - this event is all about creating an accessible and fun environment for kids to enjoy music with their adults; kindly don't consider the tip jar as a barrier. […]

Song Experiment Presents Songs of Remembrance and Reimagining

Southern Cross Lounge, Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

Song Experiment is a monthly song lab hosted by Cassie Norton to provide songwriters a venue for explorations. Each month, a different artist and approach is featured welcoming surprise and collaboration. Drawing/colouring supplies and big banner paper will be provided for all doodlers, so you can collaborate too! This month we celebrate remembrance day, grieving […]

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Nicole Rampersaud / Off World Double LP Release + Playdate

Main Hall, Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

Double LP release show. Off World (Constellation Records) release their swan-song "3" and perform live as an ensemble consisting of Sandro Perri (electronics), Andrew Zukerman (electronics), Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet), Martin Arnold (electric guitar) and Josh Cole (electric bass). Nicole Rampersaud releases her stunning debut LP "Saudade" (Ansible Editions) and performs solo (trumpet + electronics). Playdate […]

Future Proof

Southern Cross Lounge, Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

Come check out the improv-avant-groove amalgam of Bea Labikova and Raphael Roter that is Future Proof on November 11, 7:30-9:30 in the Southern Cross. Something is said to be future proof when it can’t be made irrelevant by a future circumstance and that is just what Bea (woodwinds + electronics) and Raphael (percussion + electronics) […]


Focused & The Bad Meat Band

Southern Cross Lounge, Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

Focused is Rapper from Toronto who has been making music since 1998. Focused is bringing his band called THE Bad Meat Band to play all three of his original albums.

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