Song Experiment with String Quartet

Southern Cross Lounge, Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

Song Experiment is a monthly song lab hosted by Cassie Norton to provide songwriters a venue for explorations into different approaches to song-writing, instrumentation, arrangement or all three. Each month, a different artist and approach is featured welcoming surprise and collaboration. Drawing/colouring supplies and big banner paper will be provided for all doodlers, so you […]


Southern Cross Lounge, Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

Oktubafest is an event where a diverse set of tuba players come together and perform. The audience can expect a wide variety of solo and ensemble performances- chamber music, pop tunes, marches, kids' tunes. Tuba players: bring your horn and join in the fun!

Event Series OJBECTO Festival 2023

OJBECTO Festival 2023

Main Hall, Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

Objecto is an experimental puppetry and performing object festival in Toronto. In the spirit of experimentation and historic object performance forms, we feature short acts and works-in-progress that challenge theatrical norms and our understanding of objects and inanimacy as well as performances that address current social, political, and artistic issues. We prioritize performances and acts […]

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