Event Series Dun-Dun Land

Dun-Dun Land, Night 12 (ft. DUTCH)

Southern Cross Lounge, Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

Celebrate nearly one full year of Dun-Dun Land, as Dun-Dun Man Craig Dunsmuir both welcomes and opens for the dual-led (c/o singer-songwriters Bruce Lynn and Matt Collins, backed by Brendan Black on drums) DUTCH! (Do not then be alarmed when Craig swaps electric guitar for bass to join them during their set) ** DUN-DUN LAND […]

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Tranzac Presents: Teagan Johnston Japan Tour Send Off Show

Main Hall, Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto

Over the past few months, Teagan Johnston has been rehearsing in the Main Hall at our baby grand piano; come hear what Teagan's been working on and help send her off to Japan! Teagan Johnston is a singer-songwriter who drives the genre beyond its current borders, bringing a radical rawness to her work that hits […]


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