COVID Policy April 2022

COVID Policy

Upon reopening to the public in early March, the Tranzac implemented and maintained significant safety measures to limit exposure of our staff team and communities to COVID 19. We have modified these policies throughout the spring. 

Current policy, beginning on Thursday, June 9, 2022:

  • Masking is required while inside the Tranzac.
    • Visitors can remove their masks briefly to take a sip of their drink, or a bite of food, but must don their mask between sips and bites.
    • Masks must be worn when approaching the bar to place an order, and throughout other common areas.
    • Participants in community-oriented performances/gatherings are required to wear masks.
    • Performers in concert settings are strongly encouraged to wear masks. must wear masks unless their instrument requires being unmasked. 
  • Tranzac will begin operating at full capacity

Other information:

Masking remains a highly accessible and effective way to reduce the spread of COVID 19. Travel with your mask when you plan to participate in activities at the Tranzac.

All guests should self-monitor and isolate in the event that they exhibit any COVID symptoms. Click here to learn more about self-assessment and isolation procedures.

Our COVID policy continues to change in response to public health recommendations, and emerging trends (including, but not limited to, the emergence of a more infectious COVID variant, and/or another wave of infections and hospitalizations). Tranzac will share publicly any changes to this policy, and notify any event organizers hosting activities in our venue.

Breach of policy: at Tranzac’s discretion, and/or should an event or event organizer breach this policy, further bookings may be postponed until the risk to public health is reduced. It is expected that event organizers will support the communication and enforcement of the masking precaution.

Vaccine Information, and the safety of the Tranzac community: For the same reasons that Tranzac patrons don’t drink and drive, and we offer earplugs to visitors, we required vaccinations for visitors in March and early April as an accessible and effective precaution to ensure the health of community members in our venue. While expectations around vaccinations have changed, we still want to encourage any eligible person who is not fully vaccinated against COVID 19 to consult with health professionals, and consider options for scheduling a first, second, or booster dose of a COVID vaccine—visit the Ontario Vaccine Portal to learn more.

Additional ongoing measures: 

  • each performance space has a high-powered HEPA Rx and carbon filter
  • high touch surfaces will be disinfected
  • hand sanitizer dispensers will be distributed through the building at high touch surfaces and in high traffic areas

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