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Today, Friday May 1st, Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share, putting more money back in the pockets of independent musicians (i.e. the whole gang at All-Set!) Read more about that here:…/bandcamp-covid-19-fundraiser

Importantly, for the foreseeable future, our little label is diverting 100% of our revenues to our second home the Tranzac Club to help float them through this pandemic. To view (and hear) our wares, head over to:

Finally, know that if you click through on any album and scroll down, you'll see our insane offer - $65 for our entire 12 album digital discography.

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Rob Clutton Trio: Counsel of Primaries. Bandcamp proceeds go towards supporting Tranzac Club (release date Friday, April 17)

Rob Clutton's forthcoming trio recording is as radiantly idiosyncratic as one might expect. It engages masterful collaborators Karen Ng (saxophone), and Nick Fraser (drums), and configures the composer's keen melodic sensibility, spacious leanings, and penchant for wondrous formal deviations into something that exudes both warmth and wide-eyed curiosity. Veteran critic Stuart Broomer recently noted that the trio “plays jazz as if it were sculpture. Lines are clearly etched, content reduced to bare meaning and intent, with a special structural and emotional clarity.”

From Rob:

Proceeds from digital sales of this and other albums on my Bandcamp site will be donated to the Tranzac, until they reopen. When it becomes possible, we will play this music live, starting with a double bill with Pete Johnston's See Through Four, who are also releasing an album this Friday.
best wishes, Rob
Paul Newman
All sales from this page are being donated to Toronto's Tranzac Club to help it survive being closed due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Best wishes everybody; stay safe and well.
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