Tranzac temporarily closed due to COVID-19

Greetings Tranzac Members,

It is with great sadness that The Tranzac Board of Directors must make official what you already know: the temporary closure of the Club. In accordance with the Ontario Government's state of emergency declaration, and in an effort to do our part to curb the spread of the COVID—19 virus, The Tranzac closed its doors at 10 pm Monday night (March 16). This closure will be in effect until further notice, as the situation unfolds and circumstances require. Please stay tuned for any changes.

This means that all rentals, residencies, and any other bookings that were scheduled to take place at The Tranzac during this closure have been cancelled or postponed. Please contact event organizers for information about their plans. And if you need to cancel or postpone a Tranzac booking that is scheduled during the closure, please contact The Club. We are doing everything in our power to ensure that The Tranzac is back in business when this storm passes, so please consider the Club’s future prospects as you adjust your plans. The Tranzac’s bookers will make every effort to accommodate everyone as we sort out the myriad adjustments required to administer this disruption.

At this moment in time, the Tranzac Board of Directors has two priorities. They are the safety and stability of our staff and artist community, and the capacity of The Tranzac to survive through and beyond this crisis. Coming in the wake of a wave of venue closures across the city, this temporary shut down brings the precariousness of the organizations and businesses that sustain our creative community into glaring focus. Just as artists and bartenders will need to pay rent and bills at a time when their capacity to generate income has been essentially eliminated, The Tranzac will be similarly challenged to keep on top of the bills, and ready ourselves to open the doors again when given the all—clear. With this in mind, if you are in a position to renew your membership now, or if someone you know is a likely candidate for membership, you can do so here. Understanding that we’re all in the same boat, if you've ever considered making a donation to The Tranzac, now would be a great time… You can do so by sending an e-transfer to our general manager, Paul Woodley, at If you're are uncertain of the status of your membership, please email or and we'll get back to you soon to let you know.

Below, please find a number of links. They will take you to: resources for artists; opportunities for advocacy; information regarding health and travel; ideas for live-streaming your own art; some online entertainment destinations to keep you busy as you maintain social distance; and a few other miscellaneous places to roam…

If you are a working artist, the Canada Council advises that you document lost revenues. The stark truth here is that many of us pass the hat for a living — hard to document!

Please take care of yourselves and each other,
keep your hands clean and hearts light,
and stay strong.

See you on the flip—side,
The Tranzac Board of Directors

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Survey: Measuring Impacts on the Music Industry:



Toronto Public Health hotline: 416·338·7600

If you are abroad, or have bandmates who are trying to get home:

Live streaming:

Art online:

Other stuff:

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