Saturday 28 November: The Deloraines 35th Anniversary

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Doors 7pm, PWYC
Admission is by donation to the Canadian Mental Health Association Toronto Holiday Gift Program.

It was 35 years ago today
Steve & Warner taught the band to play
They’ve never really been in style
But Mac & Gary went the extra mile
And Ian helped us refine a sound
That we played all around the town…..
Now we’re at the Tranzac to celebrate all we’ve done

Come and help us celebrate.

Read about the band here!

Wednesday 18 November: Astronomy On Tap

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Wednesday 18 November: ASTRONOMY ON TAP
7pm, FREE!

Another fun evening of mind-expanding talks, games, prizes and conversation about the cosmos with astronomers from the University of Toronto. All while you enjoy your favourite pint. Plus, there will be plenty of time for you to talk to the astronomers in attendance to get all your cosmic questions answered.

For updates and to let us know you’re coming, please visit the Tap Facebook event page.

Thursday 19 November: Nerd Nite


Thursday 19 November: NERD NITE
7pm, $5

Presentation 1 – “Minor Chords, Monsters and Arnold Schwarzenegger” by Murray Foster
Murray is fumbling his way toward a new theory that will (he hopes) demonstratethe common principle underlying every piece of art ever made in human history.Or something like that.

Murray Foster is (in no particular order) the bass player for Great Big Sea, aformer member of Moxy Fruvous, a songwriting prof at Seneca College, thewriter/director of “The Cocksure Lads Movie” and Executive Director of a non­profit organization called Our Place Initiative. He’s hoping to diversify his resume by presenting at Nerd Nite.

Presentation 2: “Comedy” by Craig Fay

Having previously presented at Nerd Nite on “What is Fire?” and “What is Humidity”, Craig is returning for a third time to present on “Comedy”. It’s only logical. Since it’s “A and B therefore Potato” it’s obviously “Fire and Humidity therefore Comedy”. Try and keep up Nerd Nite. Not only will Craig explain some of the basics of stand up comedy he’ll also delve into deeper questions like “what is a joke?” and “why do we laugh?” He may even provide a definitive answer to the age old question of “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

Craig Fay is an engineer by day and comedian by night. Comparisons to superheros are welcome and encouraged at this point. As a comedian with a passion for talking about science he’s appeared at the world famous Just For Laughs Festival, has been featured on CBC Radio’s Laugh Out Loud and has written about the frustrations of being scientifically literate for Scientific American. You can follow him on Twitter (@CraigFayComedy) or visit his website

Nov 21 & 22: Toronto Sound Festival


Saturday 10am – 1am, Sunday 12pm – 4pm
$25 (or $5 Sunday only)

Toronto Sound Festival is Toronto’s premier event for synthesizer lovers.  A walk-around convention with clinics, vendors, and synth meet-up, synth swap, demos, prizes and amaing performances.

Bring your synth gear!

Featuring peformances by:
Steve Catellano
Duotron Collective
and a live Modular Battle

Friday 27 November: Scott Merritt Album Release


With special guests Sandro Perri & Friends
9pm, $15


(From the Globe and Mail – ‘Three songs you need to hear’)

Scott Merritt / Of / “Willing Night”

“… Full of hope and purpose, bare of schmaltz. Merritt was close to a star in the 1980s, working with Daniel Lanois and Jane Siberry, and to many he’s still one of the country’s most talented songwriters. But he has released just three albums in the past 25 years: the latest, Of, came out in April. Willing Night shows him raging against the darkness, or at least hoping against it, imagining that there’s more to the universe than its slow incremental heat-death. “Junebugs bangin’ into lamps up and down the road,” he sings. “All the dark eyed windows, where we run up the split level rows / and a rail in a trainyard crying somewhere / and a little faith inside.”

Merritt plays a tenor ukulele, but it isn’t the jaunty uke of minivan ads: It’s a tiny machine made of wood and gut, fragile and trying. And the two of them are joined by other voices: blasts of harmonica, Jeff Bird’s benevolent double bass, Andy Magoffin’s patient baritone horn. The finished result is a song that seems sure and pleading at the same time. “What might / what might / what might,” Merritt repeats to close the song. Maybe it’s an exhortation (“What might!”). Maybe it’s a wish (“What might?”). Or if we’re lucky – it’s both.”

– Sean Michaels – 2014 Giller Prize Novelist



Will be playing a set of mostly new songs, with an expanded band featuring Blake Howard (drums and percussion), Mike Smith (bass and synth), Ryan Driver (flute and melodica), Nicole Rampersaud (horn) and Drew Smith (acoustic guitar).

Sunday 15 November: Tranzac Fall Feast

Fall Feast - Full Bleed copy

Sunday 15 November: TRANZAC FALL FEAST
6pm. PWYC. Suggested $20 ($10 without dinner)
Free drink for Tranzac members!  Bring your card!
All proceeds go towards Tranzac Club maintenance and improvement.

Tranzac Fall Feast is a celebration of music, community, and food.  Featuring a delicious seasonal vegan entree & dessert prepared by chef Emily Zimmerman.
Countless musicians call Tranzac home.  Let us thank them by hosting some of them for a night of entertainment, passion and spirit!

Musical performances include:
Robert Priest
Joe Hall
Ken Aldcroft
Sarah Greene
plus! Girls Rock Camp superstars Brighid Fry & Marlowe Dondertman

November 5 – 14: Nags Players Present: Perfect Crime

nags players perfect crime 2

November 5 – 14: Nags Players Present: PERFECT CRIME
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 7pm. $12 – $20
Tickets available at

One unsolved murder, a series of strange accidents, a woman with red hair, a confusing and ugly painting, and a gun or two. There aren’t enough chairs for Inspector Ascher to figure this one out. The answer to the mystery may lie in the waiting room of the sultry Dr. Margaret Thorne Brent, psychiatrist. That is, if Harrison Brent doesn’t get in the way…

Written by Warren Manzi.